Jumping into my passion project

Ever have an idea to create something, yet it keeps getting put off due to the excuses you make for yourself?

Well, that was me. I wanted to begin photographing around the city. I had the concept, I had the means. I just kept telling myself stuff like "I need a better camera" or "I need to find the right time to go out and shoot." While these are reasonable things to consider when photographing, I was turning what was meant to be a fun side project into something way more serious than it had to be.

When I initially came up with the idea, the first thing I did was open up an Instagram account for it. All I had was the name: @moodovermiami. I left that account open for an entire year. I even had the Instagram handle written on my business cards. Yet, I kept making excuses for myself to not begin posting anything.

So a whole year goes by with an idea that's in the back of my head, yelling "just f*ckin' do it already." But instead, there I was sleeping on it.

It wasn't until one day that I realized I was taking the whole thing too seriously. I went for it without overthinking it anymore. I began posting and I began shooting everywhere. The funny thing about creativity is that once you get the wheels turning, things become easier. I began spotting more things to shoot, even in the most unexpected places. I wasn't afraid of people staring at me while shooting something mundane in the middle of traffic or of just spontaneously posting something that I wasn't sure would get the response I wanted.

The main takeaway I've had from @moodovermiami is that it's made me more of observant of my surroundings and more spontaneous to shoot wherever I am, even if it's just with my iPhone.

Below are just a couple of my favorite shots, but there are plenty more on my IG: @moodovermiami

Calle Ocho in Little Havana

Managua Plaza in Sweetwater

Lyric Theater in Overtown

Fashion District in Wynwood

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