Martita’s Vintage is an online shop I started in collaboration with my grandmother, Martita.

In the late 80’s-early 90’s, my grandmother used to sell clothing back in Mexico City. At some point, she unfortunately had to put her business aside. My grandmother always held on to the idea that one day she’d sell again and so she neatly stored away all the leftover clothing in her home. 


After some inspiration from Sophia Amoruso’s story, I realized I could help her sell all these clothes online, using to our advantage that they’re now one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Visit the shop here.


To pay homage to my abuela, I use imagery of her that reflects her elegant and trendy style. This photo in particular is from the time period when she had her business up and running.

For the hand-lettered logo, I was inspired by the letters she'd leave behind for me whenever she visited, always written in cursive.

As for the colors, I studied Mexican artistry and looked to the flowers that she always keeps around her home.


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